Report: Leeds International Film Festival 2019

Yesterday saw the end of Leeds International Film Festival 2019, which showcased films from all across the globe in a two-week long celebration of cinema. I was lucky enough to be there, and managed to catch a total of 23 films (a pretty meagre amount compared to some, I’m sure). Nonetheless, here is my top ten (much more trustworthy than the official audience award, I’m sure you’ll agree):

  1. And Then We Danced (Sweden/Georgia; 2019)
  2. La Belle Epoque (France; 2019)
  3. I Lost My Body (France; 2019)
  4. Heavy Trip (Finland; 2018)
  5. Days of The Bagnold Summer (UK; 2019)
  6. Jojo Rabbit (USA; 2019)
  7. Come To Daddy (USA/Canada/Ireland/New Zealand; 2019)
  8. Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (Finland/Latvia; 2019)
  9. Just Mercy (USA; 2019)
  10. The Report (USA; 2019)

Reviews of some of these films (and some that didn’t make my top ten) will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out my review of I Lost My Body here.