Review: The Lighthouse

**** “Nothing good happens when two men are trapped in a giant phallus.” That’s how writer-director Robert Eggers (The Witch) describes his second feature, a curious tale of isolation and ambiguously supernatural mystery. It may sound like a joke, but it is a worryingly accurate description of the vaguely Lovecraftian, explicitly Freudian piece of psychosexual […]

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Review: Just Mercy

**** Sometimes it takes mercy to see true justice. Based on a true story and adapted from the book of the same name, Just Mercy tells the story of Harvard lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Michael B Jordan), who in the late 1980s moves to Alabama to give free legal representation to inmates on death row. Once […]

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Manga Madness: Oldboy (2003)

****½ The world of manga-to-live-action adaptations is a grim one, full of thoughtless cash-ins, overstuffed plots, and writers with little understanding of their source material. It is a place where often mediocrity is the most that can be hoped for, and the live-action companions of well-loved franchises are hidden away by fans hoping to hide […]

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Review: Jojo Rabbit

**** Johannes ‘Jojo’ Belzter (Roman Griffin Davies) is a good little Nazi. He idolizes Adolf Hitler, plunges headfirst into his training with the Hitler Youth, and won’t believe any of the unpatriotic rumours that Germany is losing the war. Though his dedication is lauded by party officials, it soon begins to waver when he discovers […]

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