Review: The Nightingale

**** 1825, Tasmania. Considered the most brutal of the British colonies in Australia, the island was regarded throughout the western world as ‘hell on Earth’, and as Jennifer Kent’s latest feature makes clear, for the convict women exited there and the aborigines forced violently from their land, that title is surely apt. The Nightingale tells […]

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Review: Promare

***½ The first feature from Trigger, the animation studio behind anime television series such as Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia, Promare is a sci-fi actioner following a group of high-tech firefighters 30 years after a mysterious event lead to a subset of humans (known as the ‘Burnish’) gaining the ability to control fire. […]

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Review: Judy & Punch

*½ Inspired by the traditional seaside Punch and Judy puppet show, Mirrah Foulkes’ feature debut re-frames the iconic story into a female-centric narrative focused on Punch’s poor battered wife. In Judy & Punch, the two titular characters run their own puppet show, popular among their small town of Seaside but failing to attract the fame […]

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Review: I Lost My Body

***** Have you ever stopped to consider what life is like through the eyes of a hand? No? Then your name wouldn’t be Guillaume Laurant, co-writer of 2001’s Amelie and author of Happy Hand, the 2006 novel that serves as the basis for I Lost My Body, the debut feature from French director Jérémy Clapin. […]

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Review: Le Mans ’66

****½ The 24 hours of Le Mans: the oldest sports car endurance race ever, one of the most famous races in motor sports, and, to Ford Motor Company in the mid-1960s, the reason young Americans were buying Ferraris. The Italian company had won the race six times in a row between 1960 to 1965, and […]

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