Review: Parasite

**** The Kim family can’t seem to catch a break. Destitute and living in a semi-basement apartment, Ki-taek Kim (Kang-ho Song), his wife Chung-sook (Hyae-jim Chang), and both their adult children are unable to find stable work in a jobs market where, as Ki-taek says, 500 graduates are competing for a simple driver’s job. Their […]

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Manga Madness: Oldboy (2003)

****½ The world of manga-to-live-action adaptations is a grim one, full of thoughtless cash-ins, overstuffed plots, and writers with little understanding of their source material. It is a place where often mediocrity is the most that can be hoped for, and the live-action companions of well-loved franchises are hidden away by fans hoping to hide […]

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Review: The Nightingale

**** 1825, Tasmania. Considered the most brutal of the British colonies in Australia, the island was regarded throughout the western world as ‘hell on Earth’, and as Jennifer Kent’s latest feature makes clear, for the convict women exited there and the aborigines forced violently from their land, that title is surely apt. The Nightingale tells […]

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