Review: Rocks

***½ Made with a 75% female cast and crew, and a unique development process that began not with a script, but with a casting process that scoured East London schools for first-time actors capable of conveying the ideas and themes the filmmakers wished to explore, Rocks is certainly a film with an unconventional entry into […]

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Review: Ride Your Wave

*** When 19-year-old surfer Hinako moved to a seaside town to pursue her passion, she never expected the waves to be this choppy… After a fire in her apartment complex ends with her being saved by handsome firefighter Minato, she soon falls in love, and the two begin an all-too-perfect whirlwind romance that looks like […]

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Review: Vivarium

***½ When young couple Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) and Gemma (Imogen Poots) set out in search of a new home, it’s safe to say they did not expect to wind up playing house with a strange alien child. Trapped in a picture-perfect neighbourhood full of identical houses with no hope of escape but the promise of […]

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Review: Moffie

**½ South Africa, 1981. Caught in a border war with communist Angola, the government demands every white man over the age of 16 take up arms to defend the Apartheid regime. One of those men is young Nicholas Van der Swart (Kai Luke Brummer), a quiet young man that doesn’t fit the mould of the […]

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Review: Calm With Horses

*** In rural Ireland, a man is at war with himself. Ex-boxer Douglas ‘Arm’ Armstrong (Cosmo Jarvis) is no stranger to violence, having retired after an accidental death in the ring and spending his post-retirement life as an enforcer for the drug-dealing Devers family. But when he is asked to kill for the first time, […]

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Review: And Then We Danced

***** Considering the controversy it caused in its home country of Georgia, one would think Levan Akin’s And Then We Danced would be something crude, hurtful, or provocative, not a moving coming-of-age romance. But sadly, even now there are those who find nothing more offensive than the existence of romantic love between men. Thankfully, the […]

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Review: Parasite

**** The Kim family can’t seem to catch a break. Destitute and living in a semi-basement apartment, Ki-taek Kim (Kang-ho Song), his wife Chung-sook (Hyae-jim Chang), and both their adult children are unable to find stable work in a jobs market where, as Ki-taek says, 500 graduates are competing for a simple driver’s job. Their […]

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Review: The Lighthouse

**** “Nothing good happens when two men are trapped in a giant phallus.” That’s how writer-director Robert Eggers (The Witch) describes his second feature, a curious tale of isolation and ambiguously supernatural mystery. It may sound like a joke, but it is a worryingly accurate description of the vaguely Lovecraftian, explicitly Freudian piece of psychosexual […]

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Review: Just Mercy

**** Sometimes it takes mercy to see true justice. Based on a true story and adapted from the book of the same name, Just Mercy tells the story of Harvard lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Michael B Jordan), who in the late 1980s moves to Alabama to give free legal representation to inmates on death row. Once […]

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Review: The Nightingale

**** 1825, Tasmania. Considered the most brutal of the British colonies in Australia, the island was regarded throughout the western world as ‘hell on Earth’, and as Jennifer Kent’s latest feature makes clear, for the convict women exited there and the aborigines forced violently from their land, that title is surely apt. The Nightingale tells […]

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